We are going to fly over the Netherlands!


We are going to fly! Would you like to join us during our aerial inspection? ”Does my solar farm have anomalies?”, ”Am I getting enough return from my solar farm and have I optimized it?” All questions that are more than logical as a solar farm owner. We are going to support the PV world […]

Meet team Risk Management

Documentatie Scope 12

Meet Bart & Timo Recently, two valuable new team members joined our team. Bart Teeling and Timo Wolkenfelt. Timo and Bart are ready to help and support companies that want to do business in a more sustainable way. About Timo Hi, my name is Timo Wolkenfelt and I am 23 years old. I have been […]

Are you Solarif certified?

Solarif certified

So Harry Wolkenfelt, what does this Solarif certified label really mean for my PV installation? A question our CEO Harry received recently.”Well dear friend, I’ll be happy to tell you all about it,” Harry replied… The growth of the industry Global growth in the photovoltaic (PV) sector has been significant over the past decade. It […]

Hybrid Renewable Energy Project On World Heritage Australian Island

Solarif Australia Photon Energy Group

Congratulations to Photon Energy Group and to Michael Gartner and his team for the successful construction of a 1.2MW of solar PV paired with battery with over 3.7 MWh of capacity on this UNESCO World Heritage Island. Lord Howe Island is famous for its pristine coral reefs, rugged volcanic peaks and species of plants and […]

Earth Day at work: how to celebrate and support?

Earth day at work

Earth Day at work? We’ll give you 7 ideas how to celebrate and support Earth Day. Earth day at work. Earth day is just around the corner, and it’s probably on your mind. Especially since you’re on a solar business website😉. But how can you promote and celebrate Earth Day at your workplace? Before we […]

We partnered with UNIBA Partners!

Solarif Insurance are thrilled to announce that the company has decided to further strengthen its global operations by joining UNIBA Partners, the client-centric global network of independent brokers. One of the oldest and largest broking networks, UNIBA Partners provides a dedicated, high-quality infrastructure for ensuring excellent client service regardless of location in over 130 countries. […]

Want to boost your ROI? Join us!

Raycatch and Solarif Group decided to further strengthen their strategic alliance in the solar industry. The two companies have extended their existing agreement to further develop their joint business cooperation and commercial initiatives. Solarif Group is a worldwide independent, specialized advisor for multiple aspects of the solar industry, such as insurance, risk assessments and matching […]

Fire safety assurance? Help!

Brandveiligheid PV-installatie

How do you guarantee the fire safety of your PV installations on roofs? The number of fires involving Photo Voltaic installations (PV installations) has unfortunately increased in recent years. Just like with other electrical installations in and on a building, a fire can start in a PV installation. The same applies to all electrical installations, […]

Scope 12: ‘the new inspection scheme for the Dutch solar world’

sCOPE 12

What is Scope 12? What will change in the Netherlands and how can companies in the Netherlands adapt to Scope 12? From april 2020 on, around 40 people are trained for the Scope 12 inspections. CEO Harry Wolkenfelt held an interview with ESTG about the expectations around Scope 12. “I just hope that the inspection […]

A hybrid event of the year 2020: The Solar Future


It was great to be out there again. The Solar Future NL. With all the safety precautions taken into account we had some great days. Present as a proud gold member, we had some good talks with a good atmosphere. The event was hybrid, both online and offline. Our accountmanagers Vincent, Jolanda and Arjen were […]