About Solarif

Solarif is a worldwide independent insurance advisor protecting PV assets, a risk assessor of solar panels and inverters for manufacturers willing to become Solarif-certified and a professional matching service for PV project buyers and sellers.


In 2009 Harry Wolkenfelt established Solar Insurance & Finance. With his company he aimed to reduce the risks of an investment in a solar installation as much as possible, and to secure the revenues of the installation to make financing a solar installation simple and easy.

At first, Solar Insurance & Finance was mainly active in Belgium. Reason for this, was the stimulation of the purchase of solar installations in Belgium with so called green certificates, a specific subsidy. More countries decided to provide subsidies in order to stimulate sustainable energy, such as solar energy. This caused the development of an international market, which led to more and more international customers from a growing number of different countries. Since then, Solar Insurance & Finance has grown into a leading worldwide insurance specialist for solar insurances.

Since 2015 Solar Insurance & Finance has got a new name: Solarif.


Our team

Harry 2018-01

Harry Wolkenfelt
Founder / CEO




Nudar Esshak



Bram 2018

Bram Broshuis
Project manager




Con Manetas



Monique Vink
Commercial assistant




Rami Ghebrekidus
Consultant Risk Management




Luz Carbero Carbi
Partner (Solarif Financial)




Aldric Benjamin Z. De Leon



Business Activities

Solarif knows three core business activities., together the form Solarif Group.

Solarif Insurance advises developers, EPC contractors and investors about all necessary insurances to protect their PV-projects. Manufacturers are advised about insuring their warranties and product liability. Solarif Insurance also takes care of the placement, the administrative process and handles the claim on your behalf.

Solarif Risk Management regulates and performs factory risk assessments for inverter and panel manufacturers willing to become Solarif-certified. Furthermore, Solarif Risk Management performs independent PV quality inspections and checks to secure PV-assets and project returns by assuring the quality of the PV installation.

Solarif Matchmaker provides professional matching services between buyers and sellers of PV-projects. The projects can be in different phases: early development, ready to build or operational.

Solarif Financial provides financial structuring of PV-projects and arranges the necessary finance. Solarif Financial is focused on Latin America.

Do you want to read more about Solarif Group? Download our Solarif Group brochure here.

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Working at Solarif?


At the moment there are no open vacancies.

Internship and graduation assignment

Are you interested in an internship at Solarif, or are you looking for a company to complete your graduation assignment? Please sent your resume, motivation and short explanation to info@solarif.com. Do not forget to mention the (intended) length of your stay.