Floating Solar Risk Assessment

The latest challenge in solar power: floating solar parks. Because the combination of water entails a range of new risks, it is also important here to map out the quality and risks as accurately as possible. In addition to our paper on the risks of floating solar parks, we are currently also developing an inspection protocol specially developed for a Scope 12 approach to the inspection of floating solar parks. For more information about our floating solar options, please contact the driving force within our organization: Solarif Risk Management. 

Floating Solar Solarif

PV Fire Prevention & Risk Assessment

Due to the high degree of innovation within the solar power industry, we are increasingly noticing that old-fashioned does not correspond to new-fangled. It often happens that, for example, insulation material in a roof poses an increased fire risk if solar panels are placed on the same roof. Our PV (photovoltaic) Fire Safety & Risk Assessment service is intended to map out such risks and, more importantly, to provide solutions. Our team of specialists assess the various risk aspects of a case and ultimately deliver a Plan of Approach. With this plan we can convince insurers or building owners that the risks of installing a solar power installation when it comes to fire safety can be overcome.