PV Performance Output

Guarantee the expected yield of a PV project


The yield of a PV project depends on a number of factors. Less solar radiation and individual risks can influence the performance of the installation, resulting in the intended energy production not being achieved. The PV Performance Output insurance compensates for the loss of return.

What are the advantages?

  • Guarantees MWh on energy production
  • Underwritten for a single project or portfolio of projects
  • Secures your ROI
  • Flexible structure in terms of excess and limits
  • Non-cancellable policy with A-rated insurer

Term Cover

You can choose from a term of 1 year to 12 years. A longer term may be possible. This is a fixed term, which cannot be cancelled in the interim.


Pre-agreed fixed €/kWh rate for certainty of compensation.

Insured Event

The actual yield is lower than the insured yield due to:
a) a reduced system performance ratio;
b) less solar radiation than expected.

Insured Risk

a) extensive clouds
b) component performance & availability
c) losses due to design errors
d) specific O&M related losses

Additional Cover

This cover complements traditional property and liability insurance, which does not cover the risk of underperformance of projects due to lack of sunlight and/or technical operational malfunctions. This guarantee includes all the underlying guarantees of the project in one comprehensive cover, so that stakeholders can offer a high-quality investment quality in the long term.

More information/quotation

We are happy to advise you on the options of PV Performance Output insurance.