You are a PV Project developer/owner

What can Solarif Matchmaker do for you?

We put you in touch with the right investor

Our background and experience as specialists in the field of solar energy has created strong relationships with investors, EPCs and project developers. Use our extensive network to sell your project or project portfolio in the most efficient way. We quickly and easily match your project with investors with the right investment profile.

How does it work and what are the advantages for you?

You digitally register your project or project portfolio for which you are looking for an investor. If there is a “match” with an investor, we will approach the investor. If the investor confirms their interest, we put the project developer/owner and the investor in touch with each other, followed by introduction and negotiations. You can get down to business immediately. We have already concluded a Matchmaker Agreement with the investor, which stipulates that they will pay us a success fee. Very efficient and easy.

Money, time and energy are no longer wasted on investors who do not have the right investment profile for your project. 

You won’t pay anything in the event of a successful sale. The investor pays us a Success Fee as soon as the match has led to a successful deal.

Any questions?

We are happy to help. Send an email to or call us on: 026-711 5050.

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