Quality guarantee Solar panels

By performing both a technical and financial risk assessment, it is possible for us to issue our unique Solarif Certified Mark. You too can achieve this certification! With our exclusive feature, your customers can have their solar panels insured at own defect at an extra competitive rate. Our feature is not only a must from an insurance point of view, it also increases your position within the European market.

Pre Shipment and Post Shipment insurance 

Of course, a lot can go wrong when shipping such a delicate piece of technology such as a solar panel. To guarantee that your solar panels arrive at their destination without damage, we offer Pre Shipment and Post Shipment Inspections. At the Pre Shipment inspection we check whether the panels have been produced as they should be, whether they are of good quality and whether they are properly packed and transported. At a Post Shipment Inspection, we perform a quality check on the solar panels when they arrive. The emphasis is on the applicable IEC standards. We always check all EL and IV images with a Post Shipment. This service can be extended with an aerial inspection for full quality assurance.

pre en post shipment inspectie
during production Solarif

During Production Inspection

Our During Production Inspection, or DuPro in short, is a comprehensive check of the solar panels you have purchased. Not on location, but much earlier – in the factory where they are produced. This inspection guarantees that your panels will be produced in the best possible way because any defects can already be detected and addressed in the factory. In addition to the DuPro Inspection, a Pre Shipment can offer a solution in some cases. Ask us about the possibilities today!

Technical Commissioning Inspection

Your solar power installation will be inspected in accordance with the guidelines and standards applicable in the Netherlands. Think, for example, of the NEN1010 and the NEN62446. This gives you the guarantee that your installation is well built and safe. Of course it is never as simple as just good or bad. That is why we also provide advice when it comes to the individual components of a solar power system and how they are installed. The inspection consists of a visual inspection and various measurements that will be processed in an insightful report after implementation. Report allows you to assess the status of your installation at a glance.

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Scope 12 inspectie zonnestroominstallatie

Scope 12 Inspection

What is the difference between a Scope 12 Inspection and a Technical Commissioning Inspection? In a Scope 12 Inspection in the Netherlands, 100% of the DC side of an installation is usually measured. Stricter demands are also made on the construction and circuit breakers of the installation. With the arrival of Scope 12, there is a degree of uniformity with regard to insurance requirements, and the call from the market for one comprehensive inspection is answered. Everything you are used to from us with a Technical Delivery Inspection and more, that is how you should see a Scope 12 Inspection. Feel free to contact us about a Scope 12 Inspection in the Netherlands.