Aerial Drone Inspection

Solarif Risk Management offers advanced services related to aerial data acquisition, image processing, image analysis and data presentation in a high resolution, actionable web-based platform, powered by Sitemark. Using both thermal and visual high-definition imagery, Solarif Risk Management reduces operating costs and increases the energy production as well as monitoring every solar plant construction project.

Benefits of Aerial Surveys on PV sites compared to on-the-ground inspections

Cost efficient way to survey entire site thermography, superior data collection, enhanced visibility into plant performance issues, utility scale surveys can be completed within hours – therefore minimizing and/or eliminating the need for ground inspections with handheld I-V curve tracers, improved on-site safety. During operation, it detects string/module failures down to cell level like hot spots, open circuit panels, heated junction boxes, diode bypasses and PID as well as giving insights in soiling/vegetation growth to optimize cleaning/grass cutting schedules.

During Development:

  • Design & plan the construction of your ground-based site.
  • Improved understanding of field layout and topography.
  • Interoperability with CAD software for site layout planning.

During Construction:

  • Survey your sites on-demand and generate digital terrain and CAD models to accelerate the construction process.
  • Keep track of your solar plant construction progress throughout the project life cycle.
  • Reduce bidding timelines with up-to-date aerial imagery and accurate aerial data.

During Operations:

  • Inspect solar panels for damage and mechanical failure with both thermal and visual imagery to get an overview of the health of your solar site.
  • Shorten maintenance cycles and keep your solar sites running at peak efficiency.
  • Every image is analysed with a state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm, and anomalies are detected, classified and localised.

The technology used is fully IEC 62446-3:2017 (International standard for thermographic inspections of solar panels) compliant, guaranteeing reliable and accurate results.

Aerial Aircraft inspection

Specifically for large solar parks or large-scale solar power projects, we have recently also been able to carry out an inspection by plane! Where previously a solar park from 30MW was already flying for one day, now parks of up to 200MW can be analyzed in one flight. Quality does not change, only the price is lower. This is also a lucrative option for several locations that are far apart, for example.


Our drone inspections are conducted throughout Europe. You can see a summary of some of the drone inspections that we have carried out so far.

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