Marine Cargo Insurance


Freight transport is not without risks. Your freight can be damaged or lost due to an accident, theft, war, insurrection or civil strife or any hostile act, seizure, capture, strikes, riots etc. A damage or loss can cost your business a lot of money. Marine Cargo Insurance protects your business against damage or loss of goods whilst in transit until the goods reach their final destination.

Who is it for?

For the owner of the freight, if you are the risk bearer. Whether you are the risk bearer depends on the incoterms, the terms you have decided upon with the seller/buyer. This kind of insurance mitigates the risks associated with exporting or importing products. The risk continues with the ordinary form of transit insurance.

What is covered?

This insurance knows two types of coverage:

  1. Land Cargo Insurance:
    This insurance provides coverage for all the land related transportations including trucks and other (small) utility vehicles. The coverage aspects are theft, collision damages, and other related risks. This insurance is domestic in nature and normally, operates within the boundaries of the nation.
  2. Marine Cargo Insurance:
    This insurance covers transportation of goods carried out either in sea or by air. Here, means of transportation and goods are covered from damage due to cargo loading/unloading, weather contingencies, piracies, and other relevant issues. Mostly, this insurance covers international transportation.

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