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Raycatch and Solarif Group decided to further strengthen their strategic alliance in the solar industry. The two companies have extended their existing agreement to further develop their joint business cooperation and commercial initiatives.

Solarif Group is a worldwide independent, specialized advisor for multiple aspects of the solar industry, such as insurance, risk assessments and matching services. It also helps structuring, analysing and assessing PV projects and arranges project finance or refinance.

Haggai Hofland, Raycatch CEO and Co-founder, said: “As part of the agreement, Solarif will distribute our DeepSolar™ system in the Dutch PV market. DeepSolar™ is a cloud-based, fully-automated AI diagnostics system that delivers a 360° view of PV assets, and provides their owners, managers and operators with actionable insights and decision-making capabilities.”

Harry Wolkenfelt, Solarif Group CEO and Founder, said: “Solarif offers an extensive package of services for risk management and quality assurance of solar power installations. Raycatch’s DeepSolar™ system will show our customers exactly where in their assets there are performance issues, how to solve them and whether fixing them is a worthwhile investment, thus reducing their operational costs and boosting their ROI.”


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