Fire safety assurance? Help!

How do you guarantee the fire safety of your PV installations on roofs?

The number of fires involving Photo Voltaic installations (PV installations) has unfortunately increased in recent years. Just like with other electrical installations in and on a building, a fire can start in a PV installation. The same applies to all electrical installations, the chance of a fire increases by the number of installations. Due to the significant increase in PV installations on roofs, the fire risk for insurers is also increasing. So what about the fire safety of your PV installation?

As Solarif Group, we wrote a free downloadable paper with a view to fire safety, to give direction to you as a project developer, installer, roofer or as (future) owner of PV installation(s). In this way, the risks of the building and the solar installation can be visible and addressed. So how do you address and then eliminate identified risks as much as possible? Download our free paper here and read how your PV installation can function fireproof on a roof.

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