We are going to fly over the Netherlands!

We are going to fly! Would you like to join us during our aerial inspection?

”Does my solar farm have anomalies?”, ”Am I getting enough return from my solar farm and have I optimized it?”

All questions that are more than logical as a solar farm owner. We are going to support the PV world of the Netherlands in this.

Because we want to realize the optimal operation of solar parks, we will be flying a plane over a number of solar parks in the Netherlands in July this year. Roof installations are also possible! The aircraft is equipped with PV sensor technology to collect high-resolution visual images of the solar parks. In this way abnormalities can be detected down to cell level.

Would you like us to take your solar park with us during our flight? It is still possible! Because we are flying over the whole of the Netherlands in July and are doing this on a large scale, we can now offer this for a competitive price.

Therefore call us directly at 026-7115050 or send a mail Bart Teeling at bart@solarif.com.

Would you rather send us a direct message? You can do so through our contact form on our contact page.