Hybrid Renewable Energy Project On World Heritage Australian Island

Congratulations to Photon Energy Group and to Michael Gartner and his team for the successful construction of a 1.2MW of solar PV paired with battery with over 3.7 MWh of capacity on this UNESCO World Heritage Island.

Lord Howe Island is famous for its pristine coral reefs, rugged volcanic peaks and species of plants and animals is located 600 kilometres east of the Australian mainland in the Tasman Sea. It is an iconic tourist destination.

Reliant on fortnightly shipments of fuel, the diesel engines chewed through about 550,000 litres of diesel every year. The hybrid system will supply at least two thirds of the island’s electricity needs, dramatically reducing the need for imported diesel.

The project had the support from Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and Local Government NSW and the Lord Howe Island Board for this energy transformation. Photon Energy Australia was chosen for its local and global experience in designing and constructing solar farms with microgrid integration into existing diesel generation. The project on completion was handed back to the Lord Howe Island Board in April this year. Photon Energy Australia partnered with Solarif Australia to manage the risks and place insurance locally for this project.

For Photon Energy completion of this project will help to make deployments of renewable energy systems in similar remote locations beneficial through a better understanding of business models for planning and construction.

Solarif Australia Photon Energy Group

Photo by Jack C Shick