Scope 12: ‘the new inspection scheme for the Dutch solar world’

What is Scope 12? What will change in the Netherlands and how can companies in the Netherlands adapt to Scope 12? From april 2020 on, around 40 people are trained for the Scope 12 inspections. CEO Harry Wolkenfelt held an interview with ESTG about the expectations around Scope 12.

“I just hope that the inspection will become some kind of MOT inspection. Imagine: you buy a Rolls Royce worth half a million and afterwards there is a lot wrong with the car. You don’t want that to happen to your car, right? That is the same for your PV-installation. If you spend 300 tons on an installation, you don’t want to be faced with surprises afterwards. That means that there already has to happen something during the installation. How else are you going to guarantee quality?”

Harry Wolkenfelt emphasizes that during the installation of solar power installations, too many things go wrong. Actually, every employee should be qualified to install solar power installations. Furthermore, insurers are getting picky, because without inspection, there probably won’t be any insurance. Insurers will be more concerned with risk management. In addition, customers notice more often that they do not receive the cover they need. The market has turned from a customer-driven market to a market where the insurance determines.

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