Which inverter do I need for the solar panels on my business premises?

There are three different inverters to choose from. But which one do you need for your business premises, or rather: how can you choose the right inverter? We describe it below for you so that you can make a sound choice. There are three different inverters:

  1. The String inverter
  2. The Micro inverter
  3. The Optimizer system

The String inverter

When there is no shade on your solar park and all solar panels can be installed in one direction, a string inverter is often chosen. The biggest advantage of a String inverter is the price. The costs are relatively low compared to the other inverters. Pay attention! Do not choose the String inverter when even part of the solar panels connected to the String are in the shade. This unnecessarily ensures that the efficiency of your other solar panels also decreases.

The Micro inverter

In contrast to the String inverter, you can opt for the Micro inverter when there is shade on your roof. The name says it all, because it is a micro inverter, so power is converted separately with each solar panel and each solar panel gets its own inverter. So if one solar panel is in the shade, is broken or has another problem, it does not unnecessarily lower the efficiency of the other solar panels.

The Optimizer system

The optimizer system is similar to a micro inverter. So why choose an Optimizer system as opposed to a Microinverter? They both increase the yield in the event of shadow formation. However, there are minor differences. Optimizers are linked to a central inverter that ultimately converts direct current into alternating current. Microinverters do this at the same time, they optimize the efficiency just like the Optimizer, but also transform the power. They also require additional cabling.

Photo by Michael Förtsch on Unsplash

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