Earth Day at work: how to celebrate and support?

Earth Day at work? We’ll give you 7 ideas how to celebrate and support Earth Day.

Earth day at work. Earth day comes back every year, and it’s always on our mind. Especially since you’re on a solar business website😉. But how can you promote and celebrate Earth Day at your workplace? Before we dive into our specially designed ideas for the workplace, we just wanted to give you some insight about Earth Day and where it came from. If you already know everything about Earth Day, feel free to scroll down to tip 1!

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. Worldwide, Earth Day is now celebrated every year on April 22 and it is the largest secular observance in the world. It is the day where we share and support the love for our planet. Worldwide people are collecting garbage, planting trees, cleaning up coral reefs, raising awareness, signing petitions, sharing and donating. But how about Earth Day at work?

7 tips to celebrate and support Earth Day at work

  1. Encourage people to use a different transportation method instead of the car. At Solarif, we inspire people everyday to cycle or walk to work. Of course this is easier for us since the Netherlands is the land for cyclists. When your company is based somewhere else, you can encourage co-workers to commute by bus, train or to carpool. In a safe way of course.
  2. Get rid of the plastic cups! Some good ideas to replace the original plastic cups are water bottles by Dopper. You can even get them branded too. Imagine everyone drinking from that bottle with your logo on it. Cooooool! And a good idea for this years’ Earth Day at work gift.
  3. Recycle! Do you have a separate bin for plastic? Totally easy. Another pro? It will take much longer for your bin to fill, which is less costly for your business!
  4. Gift clients and customers with a ”’green gift”. Gift baskets with organic products straight from the farmer? An e-book about the planet to raise awareness? A customized water bottle? Great idea!
  5. Encourage a meatless day. Are there regularly snacks available at the office? Present some cool and vegan/vegetarian snacks. You can probably inspire someone to help you do the shopping and preparing for your business’ Earth Day at work💪.
  6. Keep people away from printing. Any brochures that you would like to hand out? An e-brochure is the new way to go! Use a QR-code generator to give people immediate access!
  7. What keeps our CEO’s mind busy? The garbage that he finds outside on his way to the office. Awful! That’s why we started a Friday afternoon cleanup. Get together with your own Green Team and start in the fresh air. Don’t forget your gloves and trash picker!

More ideas?

Do you have more ideas about Earth Day at work or do you want to add something? Please contact us, we’re curious about your ideas for Earth Day 2022!

Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash



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