Are solar panels a fire hazard?

What about the fire safety of my solar installation? A question we hear on a regular basis.

The number of fires involving Photo Voltaic installations (PV installations) has unfortunately increased in recent years. A fire can start in a PV plant, just like with other electrical installations in and on a building. The same applies to all electrical installations, namely that the more of them there are, the greater the chance of a fire. With the sharp increase in PV installations on roofs, the fire risk for insurers is also increasing. So what about the fire safety of your PV system?

The fire risk will be significantly reduced when design, product choice, appropriate measures, skilled installation work and targeted inspections come together to ensure a safe PV installation. Dit vraagt om een goede installatie bij gecertificeerde installateurs.

It is therefore absolutely possible to install a PV system without significantly increasing the fire risk and thus the insurance premiums for all parties. A combination of great care, expertise, craftsmanship and the right materials will minimize the risk of fire and of course other damage.

Want to know more? We have written an extensive paper on the real fire risk of solar panels. You can read it here.



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