Hybrid Renewable Energy Project On World Heritage Australian Island

Solarif Australia Photon Energy Group

Congratulations to Photon Energy Group and to Michael Gartner and his team for the successful construction of a 1.2MW of solar PV paired with battery with over 3.7 MWh of capacity on this UNESCO World Heritage Island. Lord Howe Island is famous for its pristine coral reefs, rugged volcanic peaks and species of plants and […]

Earth Day at work: how to celebrate and support?

Earth day at work

Earth Day at work? We’ll give you 7 ideas how to celebrate and support Earth Day. Earth day at work. Earth day is just around the corner, and it’s probably on your mind. Especially since you’re on a solar business website😉. But how can you promote and celebrate Earth Day at your workplace? Before we […]

We partnered with UNIBA Partners!

Solarif Insurance are thrilled to announce that the company has decided to further strengthen its global operations by joining UNIBA Partners, the client-centric global network of independent brokers. One of the oldest and largest broking networks, UNIBA Partners provides a dedicated, high-quality infrastructure for ensuring excellent client service regardless of location in over 130 countries. […]

Solarif has expanded its first technical commissioning inspection

Frame with 12 solarpanels connected, together as one. Located in a field with nothing around it but gras and a cloudy sky.

Solarif Risk Management has expanded its services and recently had the first technical commissioning inspection carried out! A technical commissioning inspection is an independent check on the quality of your grid-connected solar installation. With a technical commissioning inspection you can detect damage, installation errors and manufacturing errors. This offers certainty and confidence for the quality […]

Risk management solar panels flat roof

Flat roofs are ideal for solar panels. The panels fall nicely out of sight, there is more space to use and it can yield more efficiency compared to a sloping roof. But how well do solar panels on a flat roof withstand storms, fire and lightning? And what influence do the solar panels have on […]

Zonneveld Best ‘a beautiful piece of nature’

Sheep on the gras beneath solar panels.

Friday 21 June 2019, account managers Jolanda Pijlman and Rami Ghebrekidus were present at the official opening of Zonneveld Best. Zonneveld Best is not just a meadow full of solar panels. Sheep graze to keep the grass short, there is a fruit and flower garden with insect hotels, there are charging stations for cyclists and […]

Meet us at the Intersolar Exhibition in Munich

Arrival hal full of people during the Inter Solar exhibition 2019

Harry Wolkenfelt, Nudar Esshak and Rami Ghebrekidus will visit the Intersolar Exhibition in Munich from Wednesday 15 May till Friday 17 May. They will represent our four business activities: Insurance, Risk Management, Matchmaker and Project Finance. In case you are interested in meeting one of our colleagues in Munich, feel free to contact us for […]

Successful Solar Solutions

Solarif recently spent three days at Solar Solutions at the Expo in Haarlemmermeer. The event was a great success. The solar market continues to grow and the total concept that Solarif offers seems to catch on: “A one-stop-shop for your insurance, quality assurance and financing”. At the event, Solarif presented, among other things, its collaboration with […]

Solarif celebrates its 10th anniversary

Last week, Solarif celebrated its 10th anniversary with a snack and drink at Culinair Café ‘Dames en Heren’ in Arnhem. Together with family, staff, relations and suppliers we have had a pleasant afternoon. We have been toasting on the anniversary and the future!

Solarif on Solar Solutions 2019

On March 19, 20 and 21 you can find Solarif’s consultants on Solar Solutions, the largest solar energy knowledge & networking event in Northwest Europe. At the Expo Haarlemmermeer in Vijfhuizen we present our four business activities: Insurance, Risk Management, Matchmaker and Project Finance. Would you like to make an appointment with one of our […]