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Unlocking solar capital LATAM

Last week, Solarif’s CEO Harry Wolkenfelt was present at the Unlocking Solar Capital LATAM conference in Miami. The conference was about discovering solar possibilities in Latin America. Big names from the solar business were present in Miami, and the main feeling was that solar is becoming a highly important renewable energy source. 

Infographic insurance claim settlement

The primary reason to be insured, is to have unexpected damage compensated by your insurer. That way, you do not have to bear unexpected high costs yourself. But what steps have to be undertaken when there is damage on an installation? This article will explain these 6 steps through a case. Last year summer, a • Read More »

Solarif present at Intersolar München

At the end of May (30 and 31) Solarif colleague’s Harry Wolkenfelt, Nudar Esshak and Bram Broshuis, are going to visit the Intersolar conference in München. Harry Wolkenfelt and Nudar Esshak, will represent Solarif Insurance, and Bram Broshuis, will represent both Solarif Risk Management and Matchmaker. In case you are interested in meeting either or • Read More »

Succesfull conference Africa

Harry Wolkenfelt has visited the Clean Energy Summit: Africa. The conference was held in Accra, Ghana. Visitors came from 17 different countries, amongst others of course many African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya en South-Africa. Also people were present from the UK, The Neterlands, USA, Germany and Switzerland. Sun and ground are present in abundance. This in • Read More »

Clean energy summit: Africa

Next week, Solarif’s CEO Harry Wolkenfelt will be present at the Clean Energy Summit in Africa. This summit takes place in Accra, Ghana, on the 4th and 5th of april. It is designed for project owners large and small to meet and win new business. Hence, Harry Wolkenfelt’s goal is to meet new people and • Read More »

Advertorial for Solarif

“Harry Wolkenfelt, CEO and founder of the Dutch-based Solarif Group, explains why solar energy may also be seen as a tremendous business potential, rather than only as a recognised environmentally conscious alternative to traditional energy.”, that is how the recently published advertorial about Solarif starts. An intruiging and informative article about solar energy, and how • Read More »

Editorial in Europe & Middle East Outlook magazine

In the 16th issue of Europe & Middle East Outlook magazine, published on January 27th, a large appealing editorial about Solarif stretches over 6 pages (124-129). The article discusses advantages of solar energy, and the prominent role of solar insurance in making profit from the sun.

HANWHA QCELLS congress Isael

Last January 10th, CEO Harry Wolkenfelt (left in the picture) was present at the HANWHA QCELLS congress in Isreal. There he spoke about unsured warranties, and had many conversations with potential partners, like manufacturers, investors and brokers. His goals was to sell a first Solar insurance on the Israeli market.

Solarif on trade mission in Indonesia

During 5 days, from February 27th till March 3rd, Solarif has explored it’s solar business opportunities on the Indonesian market. During the Solar PV Trade Mission, located in Jakarta (Indonesia), these 5 days were spent learning how to develop a successful solar-business in Indonesia. In addition, there was time for networking, discussion, and meeting potential new partners. These • Read More »