Zonneveld Best ‘a beautiful piece of nature’

Friday 21 June 2019, account managers Jolanda Pijlman and Rami Ghebrekidus were present at the official opening of Zonneveld Best. Zonneveld Best is not just a meadow full of solar panels. Sheep graze to keep the grass short, there is a fruit and flower garden with insect hotels, there are charging stations for cyclists and cars and there is a beautiful walkway along the park. The park was developed by Zonnestroom Nederland in collaboration with Gerald van Kessel. The park has an area of ​​57,588 m2 and generates a combined capacity of 5,758,800 Wp with 19,196 solar panels. Solarif Insurance has been able to arrange the insurance for the park and Solarif Risk Management has carried out the quality control on the panels. We wish Zonneveld Best hours of sunshine!