Risk management solar panels flat roof

Flat roofs are ideal for solar panels. The panels fall nicely out of sight, there is more space to use and it can yield more efficiency compared to a sloping roof. But how well do solar panels on a flat roof withstand storms, fire and lightning? And what influence do the solar panels have on the roof covering? An important issue for insurers.

On Tuesday 2 July, Esdec, in collaboration with Solarif, gave a presentation about the risk management of solar panels on a flat roof. The presentation was given at the Esdec Innovation Center in Deventer and was attended by insurers and lenders.

Esdec supplies mounting systems for solar panels on both flat and pitched roofs. They have developed a FlatFix system to make every installation resistant to storm and wind, overheating and lightning. The FlatFix system has a unique thermal disconnection and no plasticizer migration. This keeps the solar panels stable on the roof and the condition of your roof is not affected.

An interesting morning, with plenty of room for discussion.