Optimize energy yield and increase ROI with DeepSolar™ software

Your solar asset portfolio may be performing significantly below capacity due to equipment malfunction, soiled solar panels, higher-than-expected panel degradation or other issues. With ROI-driven operational insights based on existing plant data, you can respond to problems quickly, maximizing yield and profit.

AI diagnostics on existing data
Traditional monitoring generates massive amounts of raw data and provides visualization but does not include diagnostics, insights, root-cause analysis or ROI-driven task-prioritization.
AI (Artificial Intelligence) enhances existing monitoring systems so plant owners and asset managers can identify the root-cause of underperformance quickly and easily.

What is DeepSolar™?
DeepSolar™ is the first fully-automated AI diagnostics system for PV plants. It applies advanced algorithms to existing plant data in order to provide actionable insights. DeepSolar identifies and quantifies the recoverable energy in all plant devices, pinpoints their location and determines the root-cause of unrecoverable energy. Insights are ROI-driven and quantified.

How does it work?
DeepSolar™ collects data from existing monitoring systems, APIs or other monitoring platforms. It analyzes all data points and generates diagnostic mapping of all components in a PV plant.
The DeepSolar engine filters out electrical noise/irrelevant information, identifies data correlations and conducts comparisons of critical seasonal influences, allowing it to achieve an unprecedented accuracy level of 1%.

DeepSolar™ user benefits
● ROI-driven actionable insights
● Identify up to 8% recoverable energy
● Full root-cause analysis
● Reduced O&M costs with on-demand smart maintenance
● User-friendly daily reports with a full overview of portfolio state of health
● Frictionless process – NO hardware needed
With DeepSolar, you know where the problem is, how to solve it, and whether fixing it is a worthwhile investment.

Ready to maximize your ROI?
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