Earth Day at work: how to celebrate and support?

Earth day at work

Earth Day at work? We’ll give you 7 ideas how to celebrate and support Earth Day. Earth day at work. Earth day is just around the corner, and it’s probably on your mind. Especially since you’re on a solar business website😉. But how can you promote and celebrate Earth Day at your workplace? Before we […]

We partnered with UNIBA Partners!

Solarif Insurance are thrilled to announce that the company has decided to further strengthen its global operations by joining UNIBA Partners, the client-centric global network of independent brokers. One of the oldest and largest broking networks, UNIBA Partners provides a dedicated, high-quality infrastructure for ensuring excellent client service regardless of location in over 130 countries. […]

Want to boost your ROI? Join us!

Raycatch and Solarif Group decided to further strengthen their strategic alliance in the solar industry. The two companies have extended their existing agreement to further develop their joint business cooperation and commercial initiatives. Solarif Group is a worldwide independent, specialized advisor for multiple aspects of the solar industry, such as insurance, risk assessments and matching […]