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Solarif Philippines is a subsidiary of First Global Integrated Insurance Agency. We are the solar insurance facility in the Philippines dedicated to insuring solar installations (rooftops, ground, farms, plants, etc.). Insurance coverage includes acts of nature, loss of business production, inherent defect, liability and consequential losses.

Solarif Philippines – The Management Team

Solarif’s management team is very experienced in insuring PV-installations worldwide. In  the Philippines Ramon T. de Leon, Engel D. Guzman and Aldric Benjamin Z. de Leon form the management team.

Ramon T. de Leon – Partner

Ramon T. De Leon obtained his Bachelor Degree in LIA-COM at the De La Salle University-Manila in 1977 and later his MBA at Ateneo de Manila University covering Integrated Logistics Management, Intl. Freight Management & Trade Facilitation Management.

He then held Senior Management positions with FILSOV Shipping and Evergreen Shipping from 1979 to 1987. Later that year, he decided to put up his own company (Pac-Atlantic) where it had grown into 9 successful companies in the industries of logistics, freight forwarding, business process outsourcing and most recently, solar energy. A tireless worker, Ramon is looking to make headways in the Philippine solar energy industry by offering tailor-fit, comprehensive solar-focused insurance products through SOLARIF Philippines, which will be made possible due to the vast array of connections and networks Ramon has made throughout the past 30 years.

Engel D. Guzman – Executive Director

A graduate of BS Computer Engineering at AMA Computer College, Mr. Guzman has established a successful career in the Logistics business and had gained wide recognition and patronage from all levels of the industry.

He started his career as an Account Executive with Pac-Atlantic Lines in 1993 and from there rose to lead various companies under the Pac-Atlantic Group and with some multinational companies like ACCS, Brightpoint Philippines and Aboitiz Logistics. Engel made headlines in the Philippine insurance industry by helping players in the logistics field procure the very comprehensive and effective 5 in 1 Transport Operators Liability Insurance coverage.

Aldric Benjamin Z. de Leon – Business Development Manager

Aldric Benjamin Z. De Leon completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management at the De La Salle University-Manila in 2011. A licensed insurance agent under the Philippine Insurance Commission since 2014, Aldric is armed with vast insurance knowledge necessary to propel Solarif Philippines to new heights by assuring solar energy EPCs, investors, developers and other stakeholders of a highly professional level of insurance service at all times.

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Business Activities Solarif Group

Solarif Insurance advises developers, EPC contractors and investors about all necessary insurances to protect their PV-projects. Manufacturers are advised about insuring their warranties and product liability. Solarif Insurance also takes care of the placement, the administrative process and handles the claim on your behalf.

Solarif Risk Management regulates and performs factory risk assessments for inverter and panel manufacturers willing to become Solarif-certified. Furthermore, Solarif Risk Management performs independent PV quality inspections and checks to secure PV-assets and project returns by assuring the quality of the PV installation.

Solarif Matchmaker provides professional matching services between buyers and sellers of PV-projects. The projects can be in different phases: early development, ready to build or operational.

Solarif Project Finance helps structuring, analysing and assessing PV-projects and arranges project finance or refinance.

You can read more about our business activities in our brochure.

Solarif Philippines

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4/F-Atlantic Centre
2917 Finlandia St., Brgy. San Isidro
Makati City 1234, Philippines

Mailing address
4/F-Atlantic Centre
2917 Finlandia St., Brgy. San Isidro
Makati City 1234, Philippines


Solarif Philippines
phone: +63 8844 8288

Aldric Benjamin Z. de Leon
phone: +63 917 5898 928

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