Operational all risk Insurance

To protect your installation and secure your revenues, Solarif offers a tailor made insurance, so you can determine wether and how you wish to insure your installation. Amongst others, we insure damage due to external causes, productionloss and inherent defect.

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Operational all risk-Insurance

The operational all risk-insurance is an extended insurance, which covers the following:

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Inherent defect

In case Solarif-certified panels are used, an optional inherent-defect coverage can be closed, as extension of the operational all risk insurance.

The inherent defect coverage

Click here if you want to read more about the inherent defect coverage.

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As owner of a PV installation, your are at risk, more specifically, liability risks. You are liable for any damage to third parties caused by your installation. An example of an operational liability is that you will be held liable if your panels are blown away and fall on someone’s head. With the liability insurance, you are insured against the financial consequences of such liability risks.


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