Why is the power of solar panels not only sustainable?

We’d love to tell you more…

Solar (PV) projects are worldwide known as a sustainable and endless solution against the traditional form of power. Now, we must warn you. Solar panels are not only for sustainable energy, but also highly profitable and make you as an entrepreneur or investor socially and economically independent. In a world where fossile energy would only exhaust our mother earth, there are creative solutions against the greenhouse effect. Even better, highly profitable solutions. CEO Harry Wolkenfelt will tell you more… 

”Nobody really likes risks, although everyone understands how they correlate with high profitability. The art of making money in this business equals finding the right balance between acceptable risks and profit expectations. The strength of Solarif Group lies in combining our forces of insurances, matchmaking, risk management and finance. One platform, ”a one-stop-shop”. By putting our customer in the centre of this unique service triangle enables Solarif to play an effective key role within complexPV projects as well as in related transactions and services in the complex world of solar panel projects. Not only this will lead to smoother communications between parties involved, it also results in a transparent consultation structure andmaximum clearness, whilst more flexibility and overall efficiency result in significant time and cost savings.”

“Some future generations may find it hard to believe that humanity ever decided to gain energy from fossil resources”

”At the same time I admit that still much progress has to be made in further developing renewable energy into a 99% replacement. Meanwhile I’d suggest we take our responsibility as common terrestrials by massively investing in solar power. Because of social awareness, idealistic motives, financial gain, or for whatever reason in particular. All are okay, as long as they will stimulate further development and innovation. And, of course, in case of financial gain, we’d be delighted to help you ”Making Solar Bankable”.