Solarif present at Intersolar Munich

On June 20-22nd Solarif colleague’s Harry Wolkenfelt, Nudar Esshak, Rami Ghebrekidus, Wieland Koornstra and Bram Broshuis, will visit the Intersolar conference in Munich. All 5 Solarif teammembers together will represent the three business activities, as listed below. In case you are interested in meeting one of our colleagues at the Intersolar conference, feel free to contact us for the possibilities!


Solarif Insurance

Harry Wolkenfelt |

Nudar Esshak |

Wieland Koornstra |


Solarif Risk Management

Rami Ghebrekidus |


Solarif Matchmaker

Bram Broshuis |



Photo: © Solar Promotion GmbH