Making Solar Bankable 2018

Last week, on february 15th and 16th, the annual ‘Making Solar Bankable’ conference took place in the most beautiful congress building of Amsterdam, the Beurs van Berlage. 

The conference was filled with inspiring keynote speakers, amongst others Christiana Figueres, Former Executive Secretary – UNFCCC & Covenor – Mission 2020, and Amy Herman about The art of deception, a presentation in which she demonstrates how the analysis of works of art will help you to better articulate your ideas of innovation and reconsider solar project developments through improved observation, perception, and communication across countries, markets, and industries.

Harry and Luz

The conference was attended by Solarif’s CEO Harry Wolkenfelt, and his new colleague Luz Barbero Carbi, who recently started building Solarif Financial in her home country Argentina.