Advertorial for Solarif

“Harry Wolkenfelt, CEO and founder of the Dutch-based Solarif Group, explains why solar energy may also be seen as a tremendous business potential, rather than only as a recognised environmentally conscious alternative to traditional energy.”, that is how the recently published advertorial about Solarif starts. An intruiging and informative article about solar energy, and how to make it bankable. After all, solar energy is much more than just a sustainable arternative to energy out of fossil resources. Thus, it should be perceived as an attractive business opportunity. However, there will always be risks and uncertainties involved. Most important, the art of making money in this business equals finding the right balance between acceptable risks and profit expectations. This is right where Solarif fits in, offering a unique palette of exclusively PV project related services, based upon profound knowledge of the solar business and relevant practical experience. Also, Solarif offers a unique matchmaking product, where investors and developers are efficiently being brought together using Solarif’s advanced solar project matching tool.


Moreover, Solar energy is more than just a necessary; it is also an attractive business opportunity! Read the full advertorial here.