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commercial solar system?

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Can we remind you to insure and secure your business solar panels?

Are you an entrepreneur or investor owning a solar PV system? In addition to the fact that solar panels on your business premises increase value and reduce electrical bills, it also entails risks. We are happy to think along with you and offer customization when it comes to the insurance of your solar PV system and the quality assurance of your solar modules and/or installation work of your solar power installation? We also offer excellent options for certifying your solar panels. We know, from years of experience, that not only insuring, but also financing your projects can take a lot of time and energy. With Solarif Matchmaker we put you as investor or project developer in touch with the right party to buy or to sell a project. In this way, we help you to take serious steps towards a financed, certified, and insured PV installation. 


Do you want to protect your investment in solar panels and secure your returns? Also during construction and in case of inherent defect? With us you can quickly and easily insure your solar power installation against nearly any possible damage. 

Risk Management

Do you want to guarantee the quality and optimal functioning of your solar installation? We offer excellent quality inspections for certification, during shipment and ‘on site’ inspections. With us you can steadily de-risk your projects from start to finish.


Do you want to buy or sell solar PV projects? With Solarif Matchmaker we put you in touch with the right party. This is based on a customized project profile. Your project is matched with the investment profile of the right investor and vice versa.

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Sustainable energy is a hot topic and the sector is developing at lightning speed. We are happy to keep you informed.

Solarif certified

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