Solar insurance?

Independent Insurance Advice

With us you can quickly and easily insure your solar power installation against any possible damage. Do you have a large project or several projects for which you are looking for coverage, both during construction and during the operational phase? We offer customized solutions from business liability to PV Performance Output and Surety Bonds. Are you looking for complete security for your investment in solar panels? We are happy to talk to you. 

Operational All Risk (OAR) + Inherent Defect Coverage

Zonnepanelen verzekeren

Construction All Risk

mannen bezig met de constructie van een zonnepaneleninstallatie

Marine/Cargo Insurance

Business Liability

Solar panels (ground park) are being installed by two instruction workers. It's build in a field with mountains at the background.

Professional Indemnity

Directors and Officers Liabilty

PV Performance Output

Kwh meter in zonlicht

PV Performance Warranty

green gras with sheep and a large row of solarpanels, 4 panels high.

Surety Bonds

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