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Create added value for your costumers by becoming Solarif-certified. Read here more about the need for solar certification.

Reducing risks requires certainties

Investing in PV projects can be lucrative. Nevertheless, the eventual return on investment depends on many factors.

Investors are therefore committed to solid agreements with suppliers / manufacturers of essential materials, such as panels, converters and mounting systems, which absolutely have to be high quality. Manufacturers understand this very well and therefore often provide long-term product guarantees and / or performance output warranties to reassure their customers.

However, practice shows that investors and financiers demand greater certainty as to the proper functioning of the chosen materials. Without explicit guarantees, these parties simply will not participate.

Solar certification PV installatie zonnepanelen certificeren

Confidence and security

Confidence cannot be imposed;
it has to be earned.

This begins with making true what is promised in product brochures, (online) media campaigns and in sales talks and quotes. However, since most promises can only be tested in practice, convincing in advance is crucial. This can be done by means of an independent quality mark, based on periodic quality inspections, indicating that your product has been manufactured according to the highest quality standards.

Depending on how these quality inspections are carried out, there are various options of covering factory warranties by an insurance. This provides investors and financiers with the desired certainties based on which the selection of your products should be preferred.

Solar certification

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The three disciplines


Solar certification zonnepanelen certificeren PV installatie Zonnepanelen projecten

As an independent, specialized insurance agent, Solarif Insurance has a vast knowledge of the various internationally available warranty insurance products. Based on the requirements of investors and financiers of specific PV projects, Solarif Insurance can assist you in choosing the right warranty insurance product. Only when these parties are satisfied, funds will be released to realize projects, after which sales opportunities can actually be converted into transactions.



Solar certification

For the purpose of its inherent defect coverage Solarif Risk Management developed a solar certification program for various solar products, that are being certified according to type and plant. Through this process a particular product type, produced in a specific plant, will be approved based on the positive outcome of a risk assessment. When the factory has been approved, the products it manufactures will be type-certified.



PV installatie zonnepanelen certificeren Solar certification matchmaker

Solarif Matchmaker can put you as a manufacturer in touch with project owners that are looking for Solarif-certified products, because Matchmaker acts as a kind of real estate broker, solely dedicated to PV projects.  Solarif Matchmaker identifies projects in development as well as operational projects. Subsequently, these projects are matched with investors, based on their investment profile when there is a fair chance of success, which will save time and money for all concerned.



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