Independent Solar Insurance Advice Are you looking for solar insurance for your PV (solar energy) project? With us you can quickly and easily insure your solar power installation against any possible damage. Do you have an utility scale solar energy project or a portfolio of solar projects for which you are looking for coverage during […]

Professional Indemnity

professional indemnity Solarif

Professional Indemnity A professional liability insurance for a solar business insurance provides cover for pure financial loss caused by the insured. After all, professional mistakes can be made in consultancy work. The consequence of a professional error can lead to the following three types of damage: Wealth loss (financial loss) Property damage (damage to property […]

Surety Bonds explained

Surety Bonds There are different types of surety bonds. Below we will explain the most common ones. Advance payment bond The ratio of project hard costs associated with the generating equipment is quite high and manufacturers often require substantial deposits for the manufacturing and delivery. Or perhaps the project site is very difficult to access […]

Operational All Risk + Inherent Defect

Operational All Risk + Inherent defect The operational all risk insurance consists of two parts, material damage (external calamity) and production loss (business interruption). The inherent defect cover can be taken out as a supplementary insurance. What is insured?  Material damage (from external calamity) Cover for damage resulting from an external calamity, such as fire, […]

Surety Bonds

surety bond Solarif

Surety Bonds What is a surety bond / guarantee? A guarantee is a statement by an insurer (the surety company) to a party (the creditor) that another party (the principal) will meet its obligations. If the principal is in default, the insurer guarantees the fulfilment of the obligations, for example the fulfilment of the conditions […]

PV Performance Output

PV Performance Output Guarantee the expected yield of a PV project   The yield of a PV project depends on a number of factors. Less solar radiation and individual risks can influence the performance of the installation, resulting in the intended energy production not being achieved. The PV Performance Output insurance compensates for the loss […]

PV Performance Warranty

PV Performance Warranty Who? This insurance can be concluded by both parties, the manufacturer and the investor. Pros 1. One on one backstop from the original performance guarantee of the supplier 2. The financial rating of the reinsurer will be applied instead of the non-investment grade of the supplier. 3. Endorsed on a single project […]

Marine/Cargo Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance Why? Freight transport is not without risks. Your freight can be damaged or lost due to an accident, theft, war, insurrection or civil strife or any hostile act, seizure, capture, strikes, riots etc. A damage or loss can cost your business a lot of money. Marine Cargo Insurance protects your business against […]

Directors and officers liability insurance

Directors and officers liability insurance Why? The Directors & Officers Liability Insurance protects the management and executives for claims made against them while they are serving on a board of directors and/or as an officer of the company. The policy covers defense costs and damages arising out of wrongful act allegations and lawsuits brought against […]

Business liability insurance

business liability insurance

Business liability insurance Why? If you are an owner of a solar business, the first type of policy you should purchase is a Business Liability Insurance. It gives you a peace of mind because it protects you against damages caused by your company, your employees, your products or yourself. This can be a minor damage, […]