Solarif opts for RealXS software

When selecting insurance software, the Dutch insurance company solarif did not choose overnight. After a search of more than a year, the company opted for Software from RealXS (”real access”).


”We we’re looking for a package that processes our business information in the cloud on the basis of co-insurance, when you have to work with multiple languages, tax systems, currency, power of attorney commissions and commissions sub-agencies. The package also needs to fit intermediary services as for aspirations to work in proxy with insurers like Lloyd’s of Europe”, explained CEO Harry Wolkenfelt. ”RealXS software meets all the requirements.”

Integrated financial administration RealXS insurance software proved suitable for processing all imagineable insurance packages. All financial transactions are fully integrated at RealXS in the polis administration of the ledger, with seperate sub-administrations for customers, sub-agents, insurers and experts, making the business operations much more efficient. Furthermore, the software package can replace and connect a multitude of systems operating side by side.

Exercising your own control

The user-friendly backoffice was for Wolkenfelt the decisive factor: ”In the backoffice we can arrange and control everything. We don’t have to hire expensive consultants all the time. Even when we grow with different insurance packages, we can grow and move forward.”

International ambitions

This February Wolkenfelt took the plunge. In May, all the policy and claims administration was converted from Microsoft Dynamics to realXS. “Thanks to the insurance knowledge and expertise of the people at RealXS this went very well. Now we are implementing RealXS frontoffice, to make the software package even more efficient to work with. We would like to unroll the system for our international ambitions.”

realxs software

About Solarif

As far as is known, Solarif is the only intermediary in the world that exclusively offers package policies for solar panel parks. The company was founded in 2009 and has branch offices in Australia and the Philippines. The company expects to grow considerably, primarily within Europe. Solarif Insurances is now fully equipped to operate under power of attorney for insurers such as Lloyd’s of Europe.

About realXS

RealXS insurance software has been developed to process every imagineable insurance package; if desired on a co-insurance basis. The software package gives all parties – insurers, agents and intermediaries – the opportunity to work together efficiently. The spearheads of realXS, which has been further developed over decades, are efficiency, transparency and responsibility. The eponymous company is located in Huizen.

For more information, please contact Solarif, CEO Harry Wolkenfelt, email / tel. 026 711 5050 and realXS, managing director Antoine Verstijnen, email / tel. 030-241 6030.