Monitor your investment in solar panels with Solarif’s Professional Drone Inspection

Professional Drone Inspection can be used during all phases of a PV project.

Already during the development phase you can get a better insight into the location and characteristics of the roof, site or plot to be build on. A big advantage is that a drone also has access to hard-to-reach locations. A highly accurate 3D model offers help with the design and construction planning of your solar installation.

During the construction phase you can speed up the construction process by converting generated data into a 3D view. By laying this view over the building information model (BIM) you can anticipate deviations early. In addition, you will be kept informed of progress through regular inspection.

During the operational phase, drone inspection can detect damage and mechanical defects by means of visual and thermal (infrared) images. Each image is analyzed with an advanced machine learning algorithm. Every deviation is detected, classified and localized. Early detection of damage and defects minimizes loss of income.