Drone season is coming and we have an offer for you!

Do you know that you lost a whopping $126,000 in revenue last year?

This is something we unfortunately had to tell one of our customers last year. Why? This customer had no less than 7200 defective solar panels/string issues and regular monitoring software unfortunately turned out to be not enough. This can of course be prevented by overcoming it much earlier. Fortunately, drone season is coming!

We can detect these kinds of problems through a drone inspection. This way you can optimize your solar park and its yield. Our drone inspections can detect problems at the panel level. We look for anomalies in your solar park by locating the panels that cause production problems and we of course look for the cause. We currently have a one-time offer. You can book a consultation with one of our specialists. No strings attached!

What do you want to know about a drone inspection? Click HERE and ask away.