Guarantee insurance for PV owners

Three products to expand protection of your PV investment

Solarif Insurance offers three products to optimally protect your PV investment against inherent defect, guarantee claims or underperformance. These products are especially created for PV owners.

Inherent defect

Optimal protection of your investment

Solar energy is sustainable, silent, safe, clean and financially attractive, but it is hard to judge quality of material with an unexperienced eye. Each solar panel is different from another. How are you insured of the functioning of your installation in case of damages due to inherent defect of your solar panels or inverters?

Our inherent defect coverage for solar panels and inverters protects your investment in the best possible way, also if the manufacturer has gone bankrupt.

In case of a covered warranty claim you’ll receive a new panel or inverter from your manufacturer, but you will not receive compensation for consequential losses, such as costs of labor, transport and loss of income. Our Inherent Defect Coverage solves this problem.

PV Performance guarantee

Guarantee the expected system output of your PV project

The power output of a project is, amongst others, dependent on the amount of solar irradiance and also from individual risk that can affect the system’s performance ratio. If any of the named perils causes the actual yield of the project to fall below the insured level, this guarantee will indemnify such losses.

Some of the advantages are:

  • Guarantees MWh (floor) on energy production;
  • An investment grade production guarantee when combined with an investment grade off-take, secures RoI with improved financial risk profile;
  • Underwritten on a single utility project or portfolio of projects;
  • Non-cancellable policy with A-rated insurer

PV Performance warranty

An innovative insurance solution for investors and manufacturers

A warranty for both PV manufacturers and investors.


Our PV Corporate Cover supports panel manufacturers in the long term, in guaranteeing the capital guarantees issued by them – for periods of up to 25 years. Your warranties are credible, your balance sheet protected.


The PV Performance Warranty Insurance protects investors in PV solar parks against the insolvency of the manufacturer who supplied the modules for the PV-installation.

Purchase Solarif-certified panels or inverters and take advantage of 3 attractive products providing the best possible protection for your PV investment 

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